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Well, I guess I had to write something after the finale. And as my muses somehow refuse to let me continue my less than Marissa-friendly fic, and they are on complete strike concerning Dealing, this is what I ended up with.

Post The Graduates - fic. Pretty short.

 disclaimer: I own nothing. It's a pitty, because I would totally be willing to share with you all.

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The foilers (because that's what they are, damn it) made me mad, and I took it out on Marissa.

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Well, as much as I loved "The Undertow", I really didn't buy the complete 180 Jess had done. So, this is what I think happened.


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AN: This one is unusual for me, both in style and context/ character focus. But it was interesting to write. Hope it's worth reading, too.

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Another of those multi-purpose-posts.

This is for Brandy's prompt as well as for the ABC-challenge. Five pieces of Ryan fic than can, but don't absolutly have t go together. Angst, angst, Cohens+1, student!Ryan, hot!Ryan.

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Since I like multi-purpose fic, this one is for [profile] brandywine421's picture challenge as well as for the letter_love challenge

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Because I am crazy, I signed up fot the letter_love challenge. I blame [ profile] brandywine421.
This is my first fic for that challenge: N is for Names )

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When I got my account and brought over everything from ffnet, I somehow forgot about this one. It´s not really that good, but I decided to post it anyway, so all my stuff is here.
Five to Twelve )


Jan. 28th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Although I complained about the fact that all the death!fic for Brandy´s table of death was depressing me, I wrote one myself. And because I´m a fan of killing two birds with one stone (that is how the saying goes in English, right?), I also did Brandy´s first experimental fic promt, The reluctant I.

Impressions )


Jan. 24th, 2006 01:18 am
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[ profile] smc36 requested a drabble to keep her from being bored. I hope this is what she wanted.
Cold )

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Counter piece to "Pretending". [ profile] mel39 wanted to know why Ryan left Chino instead of going to Theresa. I thought about it and this was the result.


Regrets )

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This was my first one-shot. I figuered I would learn how to use LJ before I post my chaptered fic.
This is a missing scene from "The Distance"

Pretending )


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