Sep. 18th, 2008 12:26 am
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Second part of the confusing drabble-fic. Might still be confusing for a little bit longer. Sorry about that.

drabble the second )
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I felt like writing something, but was far to tired to even attempt giving the next chapter of dealing a go. This is harldy more than an experimental prologue to a story that might or might not go somewhere, but what the heck, I'm posting it anyway , since it's been forever since I wrote anything.

No title as of yet. Need to know more about where the plot wants to go before I can make a decision on that.
Rating still undecided, though there is an annoying voice that insists on mature content for later partst. Stupid voice needs tu shut up, I can't write smut.
As always, anything recognizeable is not mine. Pity, that.

drabbel-ish experimenting here )
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Because the fact that I am actually posting this is sure to be a sign of the apocalypse. Someone needs to send Dean some warm clothes. And maybe a pair of ice-skates.

Dealing – Chapter 15



Mar. 16th, 2007 04:46 pm
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Still not the damanded update. Sorry about that. But hey, at least it's fic.

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AN: Yes, I am supposed to finish Dealing. No, I still haven't managed to write that damn chapter. Instead, I got hit by a stupid plotbunny that wouldn't go away. And even though I don't particularily like the result, I want to finish the  

[profile] letter_love challenge soon.


 Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Warning: character death. But hey, at least I didn't kill Ryan.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 07:35 pm
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Disclaimer: don’t own; don’t sue

AN1: This was written for the [profile] letter_love challenge, because I really need to get that list completed. Other entries can be found via tags or in my memories here.  It's also for [personal profile] finlee ,  because I was a bad flister and missed her birthday yesterday, and for [personal profile] helen_c , because hers is today.

AN2: I haven’t even seen the last episode yet, and considering what I have heard about it, I might not want to. But fanfiction was invented to fix the writer’s mistakes. And having characters acting against everything we know about them is definitely one of those mistakes. So this is my attempt at getting it to make sense.

AN3: Yes, I'm supposed to be writing Dealing. And really, I'm not supposed to write at all because I have to stupid criminal law finals next week. But I needed a study-break, and this wanted to be written.


P is for Parents


Dec. 11th, 2006 02:29 pm
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Yes, I know that what I am really supposed to write is the next part of Dealing. And what I am really, really supposed to do is study for the two finals that I will have to pass next week (one for which I have to know the entire content of the interactive course book here). But I really needed a distraction, and Dealing is to important to me to screw up by writing it in this weird studying-haze I am in at the moment, and this strange plot-bunny suddenly came to me. So there.

AN:This is one-shot for the [profile] letter_love challenge. Also, it is mostly pre-series, and it is weird and pretty short.


Disclaimer: I own nothing, which is sad because I would be willing to share.

L is for learning

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OMG!!! Look, it's an update! How did that happen?


Dealing – Chapter 14

Part 4

Jul. 6th, 2006 05:01 pm
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Part 4 )


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So, I actually got it done. My fic for the Third Annual OC Sentence Challenge. Thanks to [profile] ctoan, both for organizing this and for betaing most awesomely.

My prompts were:

  1. Summer calls it quits with Seth, because Marissa's death was enough to deal with.
  2. Ryan lost his love, Summer lost her best friend, Seth must stay strong for the two people he cares about most.
  3. Marissa's ghost haunts Summer in her dreams.
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Well, I guess I had to write something after the finale. And as my muses somehow refuse to let me continue my less than Marissa-friendly fic, and they are on complete strike concerning Dealing, this is what I ended up with.

Post The Graduates - fic. Pretty short.

 disclaimer: I own nothing. It's a pitty, because I would totally be willing to share with you all.

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Look! It's alive! 

Sorry it took so long. But I actually managed to finish it! (The chapter, not the fic. That will take some more time)

Previous chapters are here

Dealing – Chapter 13


Apr. 23rd, 2006 03:32 pm
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 So, since [personal profile] katwoman76 really, really wanted this update, I decided to stop worrying about it not being any good and just posted it.

Dealing - Chapter 12

previous chapters are here

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I still love Photoshop! I am sure you can make much cooler stuff, but it was still fun.

Warning: These were done for [profile] loracj2 , who asked for R/M icons.

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They showed “The Truth” again this weekend, and I remembered how mad I was at the (non-existent) consequences. When I am mad at the show, I write. So that’s where this came from. Plus, I wanted Trey to be one of the good guys for once.
AN: Because I need to justify writing this, it is for the letter_love challenge. It is also for [personal profile] beachtree, who could use some cheering up, even though she refuses to complain about all the sucky-ness.
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The foilers (because that's what they are, damn it) made me mad, and I took it out on Marissa.

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I almost forgot about this one. But then the creepiness of [profile] monnie44 's and [profile] brandywine421 's latests installments reminded me about my blood- and death -themed fic. Plus, after [personal profile] miss_begonia totally killed me with the final part of With or Without You, I needed some dead!Marissa but not dead!Ryan. This instalment is less creepy and more wierd, but I guess that is just my brain.

Part 5 of [profile] brandywine421 's birthday fic D is for Death / Chaos Theory


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