Oct. 16th, 2010


Oct. 16th, 2010 10:50 pm
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On monday, I have to take the first of six written exams for the horribly evil no good state exam of doom (I think it's sort of like the barr exam, but you have to take two, one after university and one after two years of practical training).

There are six days of exams over two weeks, five hours each monday, tuesday and thursday.

I am staying with the family for that time, to minimize the risk of oversleeping.
I am not allowing myself to really think about what this exam means, how important it is.

But really, why do we have so freaking many laws (I have to bring about twenty pounds of laws) and still there is so much that needs to be memorized because it's not in the books? I mean, I had to memorize 450 definitions, never mind all the things that nobody can ever seem to agree on (which means we have to know all the arguments). There are at least 270 of those disagreements and problems that we have to know only for private law!

I am pretty sure my brain has turned to mush by now.

Anyway, send some good thoughts my way on monday and over the next two weeks? Please? I really, really need to pass this.
(once you get into practical training, you get paid! For working in the field that you studied yourself crazy for! I want that!)


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